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If you have any issues with your ICP sample introduction, our Technical Support team is happy to assist.


See what Glass Expansion customers are saying

  • Glass Expansion is the first place I check for ICP consumables/resources! Further, the technical advice I have received from you has been extremely helpful.

    Geochemistry Laboratory - USA

  • I am very happy with all the products from GE I have in this instrument. I really notice improved performance in this instrument.

    Environmental laboratory - USA

  • A couple of years ago we purchased a Niagara Plus from you and it is a marvel ! ...... more than doubling the sample analysis per day.

    Soil laboratory - New Zealand

  • We use tons of GE stuff in our lab. I am very satisfied with everything, especially the ICP-MS cones we recently purchased. Keep up the great work!

    Nutritional science laboratory - USA

  • The Duramist Nebulizer performs very well. The Si background is as low as they have ever seen, and the stability of the Duramist has proven excellent.

    ICP company - USA

  • I just received your catalogue in the mail. Thank you very much; it is the best catalogue that I have seen in a long time: informative concise and very easily searchable. I love the color coding by supplier. The snippets of information regarding ICP parts is very useful and can serve as a training tool. This is what a catalogue should look like in my book. Congratulations.

    Chemicals company - USA

  • Thank you both for wonderful customer service! We look forward to doing business with you and your company as well.

    Electric power company - USA

  • I can say without hesitation than the Niagara Plus valving system is the best one we have tested. It is the most reliable, and requires the least amount of maintenence....very important points for us.

    Contract laboratory - Canada

  • We like the TruFlo monitor. It has helped us on a number of occasions to track down some minor issues and we use it constantly while running our ICP.

    Oil company - USA

  • (In reference to the D-Torch) The torch has been running like a Swiss watch ... The ceramic torch has shown no signs of deterioration, with 80 hrs/week running. The intensities on the 7300DV have also been elevated between 10-20%.

    Contract laboratory - Australia

  • (In reference to the D-Torch) The Ceramic torch is quite excellent, mostly from a maintenance standpoint, it forms much less deposits on it and that which forms is usually very easy to clean ... I do think we'll continue buying ceramic torches mostly because they last much longer and are so much easier to keep clean.

    Environmental laboratory - Sweden

  • Your flared end pump tubes are the best idea since Kim Wipes!.

    Government food laboratory - USA

  • The D-Torch is performing very well. The ceramic outer has been in almost constant service 22 hours a day, 6 days a week since we purchased it and we have had no issues ... We are due to purchase a replacement ICP and will certainly be purchasing another D-Torch to go along with it.

    Lubricating oils laboratory - Australia

  • I've been operating the IsoMist on the iCAPô 6500 at 27 degrees centigrade ... the improvement in stability has been dramatic ... I am thrilled at the linearity with little shift throughout a complex standardization and sample run.

    Precious metals laboratory - USA

  • The equipment works extraordinarily well. Keeping temperature at 5degC the noise drops to half as much as without the IsoMist. There is no problem at all with temperature stability and the signal is twice as much as the one obtained without the IsoMist.

    University laboratory - Spain

  • The IsoMist was a treat because it took the place of the jacketed spray chamber, the heated bath, delivery tubes, and pump. It also eliminated my worries about leaks in my sample chamber. It is a small, neat package.

    Oil company - USA

  • I would like to thank you for an excellent service! The goods were delivered in three(!) working days from the other side of the world. I'm still in a state of disbelief.

    Environmental laboratory - Finland

  • Glass Expansion is the only supplier I would ever consider for purchasing consumables.

    Wastewater treatment plant - USA

  • I love my MicroMist nebulizer. It's extremely stable and aspirates exactly 100uL/min. I checked it with a balance. My (other brand) aspirates about 300uL, even though it's supposed to be a 100, and it's not nearly as stable.

    University laboratory - USA

  • Personally, if I was stranded on a desert island with a good ICP and could only choose one nebulizer I would go with the ceramic V-groove from Glass Expansion in Australia ... I don't think you will ever need to buy another nebulizer ... When I was introduced to the GE V-groove I was told it would pass gravel and it did while retaining its performance.

    Electricity company - USA


Do you need to:

- Know how much your sample and internal standard are diluted?

Then check out the:

Trident Dilution Factor Calculator.

Do you need to:

- Choose the right pump tubing to give you the required sample uptake,
- Select the pump speed to give you the required sample uptake,
- Find out what the sample uptake is with the pump tubing and pump speed you are currently using?

Then check out the:

Pump Speed and Sample Uptake Calculator.

Click here to read Glass Expansion's statement regarding the situation of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic.

Glass Expansion is an international supplier of accessories and consumables for ICP and ICP-MS. Our products include:


In response to the flood of counterfeit surgical masks on the market, Glass Expansion has developed an apparatus for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) testing of Surgical Masks (based upon EN 14683 and ASTM F2101 test methods.
Glass Expansion has four decades of experience manufacturing sample introduction components for ICP-MS and has earned a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. Continuing this tradition, we are pleased to announce the release of our TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometry product line.
The Glass Expansion Single-Cell Sample Introduction System (SC-SIS) for ICP-MS has a cell transport efficiency of up to 95%. The unique design consists of a high efficiency MicroMist nebulizer, low volume, on-axis spray chamber and a MicroJet gas adapter which entrains and shapes the nebulizer aerosol plume, reducing cell deposition onto the spray chamber walls and increasing transport efficiency.
Laser Ablation is a powerful sample introduction system for the introduction of solids into ICP-MS and ICP-OES. In consultation with LA users, Glass Expansion has developed a wide range of adapters for ensuring the optimum laser ablation performance without compromising plasma performance.
The HydraMist is a sensitive, simple-to-use spray chamber for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) that supports simultaneous operation of conventional pneumatic nebulization and cold-vapor/hydride generation. Cold vapor generation can provide more than 10-fold improvement in sensitivity on ICP for elements such As, Sb, Se, Tl and Hg.
The new Helix CT locking screw and seal is now standard on all Glass Expansion spray chambers with Helix interface. The Helix CT with ConstantTorque technology uses a ratchet mechanism to provide a zero dead-volume, gas-tight seal between nebulizer and spray chamber for consistent nebulizer performance day-in and day-out. The Helix CT locking screw and seal are made of inert materials chemically resistant to all acids and organic solvents commonly used in atomic spectroscopy.
The IsoMist XR programmable temperature controlled cyclonic spray chamber now features an improved thermodynamic design providing an extended temperature range and faster cool-down so your ICP application is ready to go sooner.
The new D-Torch for the PerkinElmer ® Avio 200 is a direct replacement for the standard PerkinElmer ® torch. It incorporates the same easy to use, self-aligning feature of the PerkinElmer ® AVIO 200 torch. The D-Torch is designed to reduce running costs associated with torch wear when analyzing challenging samples.

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