ICP-MS Cones

Best Equipped and Qualified Cone Machining Plant in the World

Glass Expansion has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing ICP-MS sample introduction components and has earned a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. We manufacture ICP-MS cones to the same exacting standards as all of our products and they are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction. Our manufacturing plant includes four CNC machines and an electron beam welder allowing us to provide you with the tightest manufacturing specifications.

We supply cones for all of the popular ICP-MS instruments, including models from Agilent ®, Nu Instruments™, PerkinElmer ®, Shimadzu ® and Thermo Fisher Scientific ®. We recently added the TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers to our ICP-MS cone catalog.

Take Advantage of our No-Risk Guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the cones for a full credit or refund.

We also provide a FREE refurbishment program for platinum cones.

Click on your instrument model to see the available cones with pricing:

Manufacturer Model
Agilent Technologies ® 4500
Agilent Technologies ® 7500
Agilent Technologies ® 7700/7800/8800
Agilent Technologies ® 7900
Agilent Technologies ® 8900
Fluidigm ® Helios™
Nu Instruments™ Nu Plasma
PerkinElmer ® NexION 1000/2000
PerkinElmer ® NexION 300
PerkinElmer ® Elan 500, 5000, 6000, 9000
PerkinElmer ® Elan 6100DRC, DRC II, DRC-e
Shimadzu ® ICPM-8500, ICPM-2030
Thermo Fisher Scientific ® Q
Thermo Fisher Scientific ® X Series
Thermo Fisher Scientific ® Finnigan Element 1, Element 2, Neptune
Thermo Fisher Scientific ® PlasmaQuad, Axiom

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Customer comments

We had higher sensitivity due to using the new Pt cones we just ordered from GE

Environmental Lab - USA

We use tons of GE stuff in our lab. I am very satisfied with everything, especially the ICP-MS cones we recently purchased. Keep up the great work!

Nutritional science laboratory - USA

Thank you so much for repairing our 2 skimmer cones. I was so happy when I received those two repaired skimmers, shiny like brand new. Thank you!! Everyone in the lab actually impressed by the work and this service. We all think this service deserve a star, and a thanks card.

Clinical laboratory - Australia

We've tested the GE sampler cone on all three of our Helios™ instruments and it worked great, showing highly comparable performance to our current Fluidigm ® cone using both QC beads and biological cell samples. The QC bead CVs were actually slightly higher than with our Fluidigm ® cones, but this could admittedly just be because it was a brand new cone and our current cones have likely been used for a while.

Cytometry Laboratory – USA

I tried the new cone on our worse Helios™ (Helios™ A) which usually has a Tb that doesn’t get much above 1.0 million and with this cone I got a Tb of 1.48 million!

Cytometry Laboratory – USA

(In reference to P/N FL9005) it worked really well.

Cytometry Laboratory – USA

We have been running your sampler cone in our brand new Helios™ instrument. The initial comparison I sent previously showed they were nearly identical in terms of performance for an n=1, (both cones were new).

Cytometry Laboratory – Canada

Skimmer reducer cone test went well.

Cytometry Laboratory – Canada

Tested out your GE sampler cone, looks good! Primarily we look at the Tb mean duals in the tuning solution and polystyrene eq beads.

Cytometry Laboratory – Canada