New Glass Expansion D-Torch for the PerkinElmer AVIO 200 ICP-OES

The new D-Torch for the PerkinElmer AVIO 200 is a direct replacement for the standard PerkinElmer torch. It incorporates the same easy to use, self-aligning feature of the PerkinElmer AVIO 200 torch. The D-Torch is designed to reduce running costs associated with torch wear when analyzing challenging sample such as organic solvents, fusions and samples containing high total dissolved solids (TDS) or hydrofluoric acid (HF).

The revolutionary D-Torch design uses Glass Expansions high precision engineering capabilities to provide a demountable torch without sacrificing performance or usability. The Glass Expansion D-Torch incorporates an alumina intermediate tube, a demountable injector and outer tube. It is no longer necessary to have multiple torches in your lab, as a single D-Torch with the right alumina, quartz or sapphire injector and appropriate internal diameter can be used for any application from drinking waters through to organics, high TDS or even HF containing solutions. The replaceable outer tube is much more economical to replace than having to replace the complex quartz assembly of the standard AVIO torch. Furthermore, when analyzing really difficult sample types, the quartz outer tube can devitrify in a few hours of operation, whilst the optional ceramic outer tube can last years under the same conditions.

The major benefits of the D-Torch are:

Part Number Description
30-808-3800 D-Torch for PerkinElmer AVIO 200
31-808-3802 D Torch Body AVIO 200 Assembly
31-808-3792 D-Torch PE AVIO 200 Quartz Outer Tube (Single Slot)
31-808-2818 Outer Tube Retainer 21mm
SAFEGLOVE-med Safety Gloves Medium
31-808-3782 Injector Adaptor Assy for D-Torch Avio 200
31-808-3785 Ceramic Injector 0.8mm Tapered
31-808-3799 Ceramic Injector 1.25mm Tapered
31-808-3784 Sapphire Injector 2.0mm Capillary
31-808-3785 Quartz Injector 0.8mm Tapered
31-808-3786 Quartz Injector 1.2mm Tapered
31-808-3787 Quartz Injector 1.2mm Capillary
31-808-3788 Quartz Injector 1.6mm Tapered
31-808-3789 Quartz Injector 2.0mm Tapered
31-808-3790 Quartz Injector 3.0mm Tapered
31-808-3820 D-Torch AVIO Ceramic Outer Tube