Analytik Jena aurora M90, 800-MS Series ICP-MS Semi-Demountable Torch

The Glass Expansion Semi-Demountable torch is a direct replacement for the standard quartz torch used on the Analytik Jena aurora M90, 800-MS Series ICP-MS range of instruments. It is precision engineered to provide chemical inertness and choice of injectors for all sample types without compromising analytical performance, usability or durability.

The Glass Expansion semi-demountable torch features:

  • A wide choice of injector ID's and materials make it suitable for use with all sample types including drinking water, soils, sludges, samples containing HF acid, organic solvents and for semiconductor applications
  • A tapered injector geometry giving laminar gas flows around the injector tip for the best short-term analytical precision
  • Easier, tool-free maintenance with easy to clean demountable injector

Figure 1. Exploded view of Semi-Demountable Torch

Semi-demountable torch

To avoid contamination with the lowest backgrounds, the entire sample path is constructed of high purity materials including the quartz torch body, PFA injector adaptor and choice of alumina, sapphire and quartz injectors. Platinum injectors are available upon request.

Choose the Optimum Injector for your application:

  • Quartz Injectors are recommended for organic solvents and non-HF matrices.
  • Alumina injectors are corrosion-resistant to all mineral acids including HF and aqua regia. They are also used with less volatile organic solvents, e.g., xylene.
  • Sapphire injectors are recommended for silicon, geochemistry, and various HF applications or for ultra-pure applications such as semi-conductor industry.

Ordering Information

Part Number Torches
30-808-4221 Semi-Demountable Torch with 2.4mm Quartz Injector
Part Number Semi-Demountable Torch Options
31-808-4129 Injector Adaptor for Semi-Demountable Torch
31-808-4228 Semi-Demountable Torch body
31-808-0007 Tapered Quartz Injector 1.5mm ID
31-808-0013 Tapered Alumina Injector 1.5mm ID
31-808-0385 Tapered Alumina Injector 2.4mm ID
31-808-3001 Sapphire Injector 2.0mm ID
70-V-011 Viton O-rings for FDT/SDT ball joints (PKT 10)

Torch Care

Please click here to visit our Torch Care page. Here you will find recommended procedures for maintenance of your torch.
Part Number Description
FLUKA25 Fluka RBS-25 concentrate solution (1L)

A Glass Expansion torch is a guarantee of a precision engineered product, with the very best analytical performance.

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