NEW Products for PerkinElmer® NexION 5000 ICP-MS

Glass Expansion offers a complete range of nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, cones and other accessories for the PerkinElmer® NexION 5000 ICP-MS. Our high performance sample introduction components will reduce your instrument running costs, enhance its performance and improve usability.


All Glass Expansion concentric glass nebulizers (Figure 1a.) feature our unique VitriCone™ capillary construction delivering you the best possible manufacturing precision. Glass Expansion is the only manufacturer that takes thick walled constant-bore tubing and machines the outside to a uniform aerodynamic shape. This guarantees a uniform sample channel, assuring tolerance to high matrix samples and perfect reproducibility. For high purity applications, Glass Expansion offer a Quartz SeaSpray 1mL/min nebulizer (Figure 1b).

The OpalMist PFA concentric nebulizer (Figure 1c) is the nebulizer of choice for high precision analyses requiring the highest chemical resistance to HF, alkalis and organics. The high purity PFA construction makes it ideal for ultra-trace ICP-MS work. The totally inert construction of the OpalMist PFA nebulizer enables it to easily handle even the most corrosive samples, such as those containing high levels of hydrofluoric acid (HF) or reactive organic solvents. The OpalMist features excellent sensitivity, precision and long term stability.

Figure 1. Glass Expansion Nebulizers

Figure 1

Ordering Information

Part Number DC Nebulizers
A23-1-UM04 MicroMist DC Nebulizer 0.4mL/min
A23-1-USS04 SeaSpray DC Nebulizer 0.4mL/min
A23-1-QSS1 SeaSpray DC Nebulizer 1mL/min
A23-1-USS2 SeaSpray DC Nebulizer 2mL/min
A23-1-PFA01 OpalMist DC Nebulizer 0.1mL/min
A23-1-PFA04 OpalMist DC Nebulizer 0.4mL/min
Part Number DC Nebulizers for Single Cell
C23-1-UFT02 MicroMist HE U-Series Nebulizer 0.2mL/min

View the full range of Nebulizers available for the Perkin-Elmer® NexION 5000 here.

Spray Chambers

The spray chamber is a crucial component of the ICP sample introduction system since it has a profound effect on transport efficiency, precision, and washout. Each Glass Expansion spray chamber incorporates the Helix CT nebulizer interface with ConstantTorque™ technology, which provides a constant, reproducible, inert, gas-tight seal between the nebulizer and spray chamber each and every time. Glass Expansion offers the following spray chambers to accommodate all kinds of samples and applications.

Figure 2. Glass Expansion Spray Chambers

a) Single-pass Tracey™

  • Single-pass Tracey™ version for the highest sensitivity.
  • For low volume applications we recommend the single pass Cinnabar™ spray chamber (20mL) option. The Cinnabar's design and low volume are ideal for the reduction of memory and matrix effects and very fast washout.

(b) Double-pass Twister™

  • Double-pass Twister™ version with central baffle that rejects large droplets from the nebulizer aerosol for best short-term precision and lowest interferences.
  • For low volume applications we recommend the double pass Twinnabar™ cyclonic spray chamber (20mL) to reduce solvent load but maintain fast washout.

(c) Twister Spray Chamber with Matrix Gas Port and Helix CT

  • Double-pass Twister with central baffle that rejects large droplets from the nebulizer aerosol for best short-term precision and lowest interferences.
  • Features a AMS Matrix gas port and DC gas line.
  • Compatible with 70-803-1473 to humidify matrix gas port.

(d) High Efficiency Spray Chamber

Our High Efficiency Sample Introduction System offers a complete solution to quantitatively measure the metal content in individual cells. Our HE-SIS consists of a:

  • High efficiency, low uptake, concentric glass nebulizer designed to efficiently nebulize single-cell suspensions without compromising cell integrity.
  • Low volume, on-axis, laminar-flow spray chamber directly coupled to the ICP for the highest transport efficiency of the nebulized single-cell suspension.
  • Patent pending MicroJet gas adapter which entrains and shapes the aerosol plume to reduce cell deposition onto the spray chamber walls and increase sample transport efficiency.
  • An instrument specific mounting bracket to support and install the SC-SIS Kit, ensuring proper alignment of the laminar flow spray chamber.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
20-809-4417HE Twister 50mL Cyclonic Spray Chamber
20-809-4560 Twister Cyclonic Spray Chamber with Helix CT and AMS Matrix Gas Port
20-809-4419HE Tracey 50mL Cyclonic Spray Chamber
20-809-4480HE Cinnabar 20mL Spray Chamber
KT-1184 Single Cell Kit for the PE NexION 1000, 1100, 2000


The Glass Expansion revolutionary demountable torch is now available for the Perkin-Elmer® NexION 5000. The D-Torch uses high precision engineering to provide the benefits of a fully demountable torch at a significantly lower cost. The benefits of the D-Torch include:

  • Demountable outer tube - why replace the entire torch when just the outer tube wears? With the D-Torch, you need only replace the outer tube. And most operators will be saving money after only two replacements.
  • Much lower cost than other demountable torches.
  • Interchangeable injectors - choose the optimum injector for your application. Select from quartz for aqueous solutions, narrow bore for organics, wide bore for high dissolved solids.
D-Torch for PE NexION
D-Torch for PE NexION® 1000, 1100, 2000 P/N 30-808-3927

Ordering Information

Part Number D-Torch
30-808-3927 D-Torch for PE NexION 1000, 1100, 2000, 2200, 5000
Part Number D-Torch Options
31-808-3928 Base and Inner Tube for D-Torch
31-808-3942 Quartz Outer Tube for D-Torch
31-808-2818 Retaining Ring for D-Torch Outer Tube
31-808-3980 Injector Adapter for D-Torch
31-808-2962 Injector Ferrule for D-Torch
31-808-4130 D-Torch PE NexION 1000, 1100, 2000, 2200, 5000 Fastener Assembly
SAFEGLOVE-med Safety Gloves, Medium
31-808-4131 Adaptor Tool for NexION
70-803-0920 Injector Ferrule Tool - 6.0mm.
Part Number D-Torch Options
31-808-4006 Tapered Quartz Injector 2.0mm

* Injectors (Quartz, Ceramic & Sapphire) sold separately. To view our full range of Injector options click here.


Glass Expansion has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing ICP-MS sample introduction components and has earned a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. We manufacture ICP-MS cones to the same exacting standards as all of our products and they are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.


Ordering Information

Part Number Sampler Cones
PE3011-Ni Nickel Sampler Cone
PE3013-Pt Platinum Sampler Cone
PE3013A-Pt Platinum Sampler Cone (18 mm)
PE3013-Pt-BF Platinum Sampler Cone - Boron Free
Part Number Skimmer Cones
PE4012-Ni Nickel Skimmer
PE4014-Pt Platinum Skimmer
PE4015-Ni Nickel Hyper Skimmer
Part Number Description
PE5125 O-ring for NexION Hyper Skimmer Cone (PKT 5)
70-803-1024 Sampler Cone Guard for NexION
PE5111 Gasket for Sampler Cone (PKT 5)

Contour Flared-end Pump Tubing

It can often be quite difficult to insert the sample tube into the peristaltic pump tube. This is particularly so if the peristaltic pump tube has a small internal diameter (ID).To facilitate this connection, Glass Expansion supplies the Contour range of flared-end pump tubing. The flared end of this pump tubing allows the larger sample capillary tubing to be inserted.

Contour 2 Tag PVC, Flared End, 95mm between tags

Overall Length:   187mm (95mm between tags)
No. of tubes per pack:   6
Physical Properties:   Thermoplastic, PVC based material with plasticizer
Special Properties:   Inexpensive all-round tubing for general laboratory applications
Part Number Product Tag
0.19-OR-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.19mm ID Orange/Red, 95mm (PKT 6) orange/red 0.19 0.91 2.01
0.25-OB-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.25mm ID Orange/Blue, 95mm (PKT 6) orange/blue 0.25 0.91 2.07
0.38-OG-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.38mm ID Orange/Green, 95mm (PKT 6) orange/green 0.38 0.91 2.20
0.44-GY-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.44mm ID Green/Yellow, 95mm (PKT 6) green/yellow 0.44 0.91 2.26
0.51-OY-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.51mm ID Orange/Yellow, 95mm (PKT 6) orange/yellow 0.51 0.91 2.33
0.64-OW-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.64mm ID Orange/White, 95mm (PKT 6) orange/white 0.64 0.91 2.46
0.76-BLK-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 0.76mm ID Black/Black, 95mm (PKT 6) black/black 0.76 0.86 2.48
1.30-GRY-95-F-S Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 2tag 1.30mm ID Grey/Grey, 95mm (PKT 6) grey/grey 1.30 0.86 3.02

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