The Elegra Argon Humidifier

Uninterrupted and Maintenance-Free ICP Operation

It is standard practice to use dry argon for the nebulizer gas in ICP to generate an aerosol and transport the sample to the plasma. However, with samples containing high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) there is an increased likelihood of salt deposits forming at the tip of the nebulizer and injector which can result in significant analytical drift in or even an extinguished plasma. To successfully measure challenging sample matrices with high TDS, it is important to optimize your ICP sample introduction system including a:

  • Suitable, high TDS nebulizer (e.g. SeaSpray™ or DuraMist™)
  • Double-pass, cyclonic spray chamber to filter out large droplets (e.g. Twister™)
  • Wide bore injector (2.0mm ID or greater)
  • Humidified argon nebulizer gas supply

Adding an argon humidifier such as the Elegra, will reduce maintenance and the chance of an extinguished plasma owing to a blocked nebulizer or injector.

Long-term stability test, 4 hour analysis of 1pmm standard in 10.0 % NaCl


The elegant design of the Elegra is compact and made of inert, metal-free materials so it is easier to fit into the often crowded, harsh environment of the sample compartment of any ICP.

The novel, highly efficient membrane technology adds moisture to the argon nebulizer gas without the need for pressurization or electrical heating. The Elegra can be configured as either a:

  • Single-channel version with a bypass switch to turn humidification on and off
  • Dual-channel version for simultaneously humidifying the nebulizer gas and auxiliary/dilution gases often used in ICP-MS

The Elegra is available in range of configurations with customized gas connectors to exactly suit your ICP.

Easy Installation

For easy and straight forward installation on any ICP instrument and with any nebulizer, each Elegra Kit is packaged with customized gas connectors to exactly suit your ICP. A detailed assembly guide is also included.

Elegra Installation on Thermo Fisher Scientific PRO ICP-OES (P/N 70-803-1268)

Superior Performance

The relative humidity (RH) added by the Argon humidifier will determine the efficiency and overall performance as to how well the accessory can slow and prevent salt build-up at the nebulizer and injector. As a comparison of humidification efficiency, the RH output of the Elegra was compared to another commercially available argon humidifier that requires a power supply and heating element, which is referred to as Brand-X. The Brand-X model was specifically selected in this comparison as it is listed as the supplier's 'enhanced humidification model'.

At an argon gas flow rate of 0.7 L/min and in heated mode, Brand-X is 25% less effective compared to the Elegra, which requires no power supply, electrical cords, or added heat. With no added heat, at room temperature Brand-X produced 60% less RH on average compared to the Elegra.

Percent Humidity Relative to Elegra (Elegra = 1)

Some matrices like lithium metaborate fusions are considered to be the most challenging in routine contract laboratories. The high amount of dissolved solids in such matrices often requires re-runs due to drift in signal from the slow build up of salts. In the example below, the use of the Elegra shows virtually no variation in internal standard signal over a period of 4 hours.

Internal Standard signal for three Internal Standard lines with and without Elegra Argon Humidifier

Internal standard stability in 0.5% lithium metaborate/tetraborate with Elegra Ar humidifier Internal standard stability in 0.5% lithium metaborate/tetraborate without Elegra Ar humidifier

For those customers familiar with Glass Expansion's original humidifier design, the Capricorn™, you can rest assured that the Elegra is an upgraded design with equivalent RH performance. Two Capricorn units, labeled A and B, were compared to two Elegra units, also labeled A and B, to ensure that the Elegra was an equivalent replacement to the original humidifier design. After 5 minutes, both the Elegra and Capricorn average out to a stable RH of approximately 92%.

Elegra and Capricorn Humidifier % RH Comparison

Ordering Information

Elegra Single-Channel Argon Humidifier Kits

To Suit Part Number
Agilent®/Varian Vista/700-ES/MP-AES 70-803-1265
Agilent® 5100/5110/5800/5900 70-803-1268
Agilent® 7700/7800/7850/7900/8800/8900 70-803-1268
Horiba® Jobin Yvon 70-803-1266
Teledyne™ Leeman 70-803-1265
PerkinElmer® AVIO/Optima 70-803-1269
PerkinElmer® Elan/NexION 300 Series 70-803-1270
Shimadzu® ICP-OES 7000, 8000, 9000, 9800 Series / ICPM-8500, ICPMS-2030 70-803-1312
Spectro™ 70-803-1269
Thermo® PRO, 6000/7000, Q/RQ/TQ, X Series 70-803-1268
Other models (Universal Kit) 70-803-1271
Elegra Mount 70-803-1581

Elegra Dual-Channel Argon Humidifier Kits

To Suit Part Number
Agilent® 7700/7800/7850/7900/8800/8900 70-803-1273
PerkinElmer® Elan/NexION 300 Series 70-803-1274
PerkinElmer® Nexion 1000, 1100, 2000, 2200, 5000 Series 70-803-1473
Thermo® Q/RQ/TQ 70-803-1273
Other models (Universal Kit) 70-803-1273
Elegra Mount 70-803-1581

Elegra Literature

Customer Comments

We installed and ran samples with the argon humidifier into both the Thermo® 7000 ICP, as well as our ICPMS. We noticed that the iCAP® ICP could handle TCLP samples which have a very high sodium matrix much better. Typically, the carrier gas pressure would creep up from 250 to 450 and we'd have to clean the nebulizer after 1 run of TCLP samples. Now, the carrier gas pressure stays low for longer. Fantastic!

Environmental Lab - USA

The (Elegra) Humidifier (and adjusting our pump speed) really helped to stabilize the drift we were previously experiencing between QC checks and especially helped combat some of our high TDS samples. Our runs have greatly improved.

Pharmaceutical - USA

(In reference to the Elegra) Talking with my operators that are here today neither of them has changed a nebulizer since we put it on........We had been replacing nebulizers after about a week and half........I will be ordering 2 more.

Contract laboratory - USA

I'm very happy with the performance of the Elegra so far. It's been in use since Sep 14th and we haven't had to change or clean the neb once.

Contract laboratory - Canada

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