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Surgical Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Testing Apparatus

Developed in consultation with a Government Analytical testing agency, the apparatus is designed to deliver an aerosol of 3 +/- 0.3 μm mean particle size of Staphylococcus aureus challenge solution at a 28.3 L/min flow rate to a 6 stage cascade impactor with agar plates for particle sizing and quantitation.

Figure 1. Diagram-Surgical Mask BFE Test Assembly

BFE Diagram

The BFE apparatus designed by Glass Expansion provides highly efficient nebulization of the bacterial aerosol at the standard 10 μL/min challenge flow, is easy to use and is fully autoclavable to prevent cross contamination.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
KT-1188 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Kit
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Kit Contents
Aerosol Chamber
Priming valve
Syringe Pump for precision delivery of Challenge Solution
Stand Assembly with Quick Release mechanism
High Precision Syringe Drive Pump
Pneumatic Module with Digital Flow Meters
6 Stage Cascade Impactor with vacuum pump
6 covered petri dishes

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BFE MicroMist Nebulizer- a high efficiency, low sample uptake nebulizer

BFE Nebulizer

All Glass Expansion concentric glass nebulizers feature our unique VitriCone capillary construction delivering you the best possible manufacturing precision.

Glass Expansion is the only manufacturer that takes thick walled constant-bore tubing and machines the outside to a uniform aerodynamic shape. This guarantees a uniform sample channel, assuring tolerance to high matrix samples and perfect reproducibility.

We have applied this technology along with over 30 years of nebulizer design expertise, to develop a version of our popular MicroMist nebulizer specifically for nebulization of bacterial aerosol.

Benefits Include:

  • Superb transport efficiency at low sample uptake rates (10 μL/min) to give a 3 +/- 0.3 μm mean particle size of Staphylococcus aureus challenge solution.
  • Constant diameter, large bore sample channel minimizes blockages from sample build-up commonly experienced with biological samples.
  • Rigid, precision machined thick-walled glass sample capillary gives the best analytical precision by resisting harmonic vibrations from the high linear velocity of the surrounding gas flow.
  • Quick and easy connection to syringe pump with zero dead volume when combined with the Glass Expansion High Pressure Zero-dead Volume Fittings Kit.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
AR10-1.25-UM04 BFE MicroMist U-Series nebulizer
FT-16-8-X High Pressure Zero-dead Volume Fittings Kit
QSM-4 EzyLok Connector for 4mm Tubing
70-803-1315 Tefzel Ferrule 1.6mm (PKT 10)
70-803-1513 FT-16-8-X Tefzel Ferrule 1/8 inch (PKT 10)

Proper Nebulizer Maintenance

Eluo and Fluka

With proper nebulizer maintenance you can prolong the performance and lifetime of your Glass Expansion nebulizer.

Our Eluo nebulizer cleaning tool is designed to efficiently deliver a cleaning solution through the nebulizer capillary to dislodge particle build-up and thoroughly clean the nebulizer.

We suggest using the Eluo regularly to maintain nebulizer performance and prolong nebulizer life.

We have found that using a dilute concentration of Fluka RBS-25 is the best cleaning solution. Stubborn clogs may require an overnight soak or additional cleaning with nitric acid.

Ordering Information

Part Number Common Accessories
70-ELUO Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner for Glass concentric Nebulizers
FLUKA25 Fluka RBS-25 Concentrate 1Litre

Recommended Cleaning Procedure

If there are salt deposits that cannot be removed with the Eluo, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Initially flush your nebulizer with warm water* using the Eluo.
  2. Soak the nebulizer tip in a 25% solution of Fluka RBS-25 (P/N FLUKA25) for 24 hours. Use the Eluo to make sure the Fluka RBS-25 solution fills the nebulizer. An initial flush of 25% Fluka using the Eluo may be required.
  3. After 24 hours, flush the nebulizer 3 times with warm water* using the Eluo.
  4. Stubborn deposits may require an additional soaking for 2 hours with a 5% nitric acid solution.
  5. Flush 3 times with warm water* using the Eluo.
  6. For faster drying, flush again with methanol.

* Warm water only recommended for use with glass or quartz nebulizers.

For an informative video on nebulizer maintenance using the Eluo, please refer to our instruction video, ‘ ICP Nebulizer Maintenance Made Easy’.

Customer comments

The apparatus designed by Glass Expansion has been a pleasure to use. Connections were made easy with the supplied parts. The nebulizer is easy to take in and out of the top cap, which is required frequently for purging. The stand is sturdy and easy to use... The end caps are easy to disassemble, facilitating cleaning.

Government Analytical Testing Laboratory, Australia

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