Glass Expansion Guardian Autosampler Probe

Glass Expansion is pleased to release the Guardian autosampler probe. The unique design of the robust tip—which combines drip-resistance and built-in particle filtering—helps to prevent cross-contamination during probe movement and blockages in your nebulizer and capillary tubing. Constructed entirely from PEEK and PFA, the Guardian autosampler probe also provides exceptional resistance to strong acids and solvents. The Guardian probe has an ID of 1.0mm, with interchangeable UniFit sample capillaries that are available in IDs of 0.3, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.0mm.

Guardian probe
Guardian Probe: P/N 70-803-1957


  • Robust tip design eliminates crushed and damaged tips due to misalignment.
  • Drip-resistance prevents cross contamination of samples, especially with oils.
  • Built-in particle filtering holds back particulates from blocking the line.
  • Completely inert design, all PEEK and PTFE construction.
  • Interchangeable UniFit™ sample lines available in various IDs (e.g. 0.3, 0.50, 0.75 & 1.0mm)
  • Designed to suit Teledyne Cetac, AimLab & Agilent SPS3 /SPS4 Autosamplers.

Performance Comparison

Below is a performance comparison of the Guardian Autosampler Probe against a standard PTFE encapsulated carbon fibre probe for oil applications.

Ordering Information

Guardian Probe with Connecting Line

Available for Cetac, Aim Lab & Agilent SPS3 / SPS4 Autosamplers.

Part Number Description
70-803-1957 Guardian Probe for SPS3/SPS4/AIMS, 0.75mm Probe Connecting Line (Red)
70-803-1803 Guardian Probe Cetac ASX-200/500/800, 0.75mm Probe Connecting Line (Red)

Guardian Probe only

Part Number Description
70-803-2008 Guardian Probe for SPS3/SPS4/AIMS
70-803-1787 Guardian Probe for Cetac ASX-200/500/800 Series
70-803-2029 Guardian Probe for Cetac ASX-112FR

Probe Connecting Lines for SPS3/SPS4/AIMS & Cetac ASX-200/500/800

Part Number Description
70-803-1721 Probe Connecting line 1.0mm ID (Green)
70-803-1714 Probe Connecting Line 0.75mm ID (Red)
70-803-1852 Probe Connecting Line 0.5mm ID (Blue)
70-803-1853 Probe Connecting Line 0.3mm ID (Black)

Probe Connecting Lines for Cetac ASX-112FR

Part Number Description
70-803-2030 Probe Connecting Line 0.18mm ID (Black)
70-803-2085 Probe Connecting Line 0.18mm ID with EzyFit (Green/Black)

Customer comments

Overall, the guardian probe has been the perfect selection for our applications using ICP-OES. We normally run an organic matrix (1:9 dilutions of semi-refined corn oil samples in kerosene), and the Agilent brand probe we were using previously had excessive issues with dripping between samples in their SPS4 autosampler system. The guardian probe has not had any dripping or leaking issues since its installation, and we are still using the same one we ordered in August. Not only has the probe exceeded performance expectations; it is marginally cheaper than the lesser-performing competition. The time we would spend re-analyzing samples and calibration curves due to dripping has been reclaimed, thanks to the probe. I hope my insight may prove helpful to your team, and thank you once again for providing solutions for the troubles of trace analysis!

Contract laboratory - USA

(In response to a using the Guardian Probe) I purchased these probes specifically to reduce nebulizer blockage.

Environmental Laboratory - USA

(In response to a using the Guardian Probe) It should be noted that we've also installed the Guardian in-line filter, so there are confounding factors. Regardless, our lab almost never encounters blocked nebulizers any longer. Previously, it was the most prominent reason for down-time. This has also led to less replacing of nebulizers, as SeaSprays and other glass nebs would eventually accrue particulate that couldn't be backflushed or dissolved (Si-based, likely).

Environmental Laboratory - USA

(In response to a using the Guardian Probe) With less downstream particulate and fewer cross-contamination events, I would opine that this probe does present an advantage. It is also easy to install, remove, and maintain. The quick-connect is convenient.

Environmental Laboratory - USA

We are absolutely in love with this probe. The filter in the top works perfect.

Environmental Laboratory - Denmark

We are thoroughly satisfied with the Guardian Probe's performance and believe it to be a valuable asset to our analytical processes.

Contract laboratory - Australia

We have been utilising the Guardian Probe in our operations for more than six months, and it is with pleasure that we report its remarkable performance. The probe has demonstrated robustness and reliability in handling various sample types. Notably, we have found that it remains unclogged, even during the analysis of samples containing particulates, which we typically allow to settle before initiating the analytical process. To further safeguard the integrity of our nebulisers, we have adopted the use of the Guardian In-Line Particle Filters, effectively preventing any obstruction to the nebuliser. As a result of this precaution, it seems we have fewer nebuliser failures compared to previous experiences.

Contract laboratory - Australia

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