NEW Products for Thermo ® PRO ICP-OES

Glass Expansion offers a complete range of nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, and other accessories for the Thermo ® PRO ICP-OES. Our high performance sample introduction components will reduce your instrument running costs, enhance its performance and improve usability.


All Glass Expansion concentric glass nebulizers (Figure 1a.) feature our unique VitriCone™ capillary construction delivering you the best possible manufacturing precision. Glass Expansion is the only manufacturer that takes thick walled constant-bore tubing and machines the outside to a uniform aerodynamic shape. This guarantees a uniform sample channel, assuring tolerance to high matrix samples and perfect reproducibility.

Samples with residual hydrofluoric acid (HF) require an inert nebulizer such as the DuraMist nebulizer (Figure 1b.) or VeeSpray ceramic nebulizer (Figure 1c.). DuraMist is a concentric nebulizer made of PEEK. It is ideally suited to ICP-OES for high sensitivity and excellent short-term precision with the highest tolerance to dissolved salts of any concentric nebulizer. The VeeSpray nebulizer is made of high purity Alumina grade ceramic. This parallel path nebulizer is virtually unblockable and provides the best tolerance to large particulates and abrasion-resistance.

All the above nebulizers come with our inert, metal-free DC (Direct Connection) gas fittings as standard.

Figure 1. Glass Expansion Nebulizers

GE Nebulizers

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
A31-07-USS2 SeaSpray DC Nebulizer 2mL/min
A31-07-UM06 MicroMist DC Nebulizer 0.6mL/min
A31-07-UC2 Conikal DC Nebulizer 2mL/min
A31-07-US6 Slurry DC Nebulizer 4mL/min
A31-07-DM1 DuraMist DC Nebulizer 1mL/min
A31-07-CV6 VeeSpray Ceramic DC Nebulizer

View full range of Nebulizers available for the Thermo ® PRO Duo and Thermo ® PRO Radial ICP-OES.

Spray Chambers

The spray chamber is a crucial component of the ICP sample introduction system since it has a profound effect on transport efficiency, precision, and washout. Each Glass Expansion spray chamber incorporates the Helix CT nebulizer interface with ConstantTorque technology, which provides a constant, reproducible, inert, gas-tight seal between the nebulizer and spray chamber each and every time. Glass Expansion offers the following spray chambers to accommodate all kinds of samples and applications.

Figure 2. Glass Expansion Spray Chambers

(a) Single-pass Tracey™

  • Single-pass Tracey™ version for the highest sensitivity.

(b) Double-pass Twister™

  • Double-pass Twister™ version with central baffle that rejects large droplets from the nebulizer aerosol for best short-term precision and lowest interferences.

(c) Inert Tracey TFE Spray chamber

  • Made from totally inert PTFE - impervious to organic solvents and strong acids, even HF.

(d) IsoMist-XS- temperature programmable cyclonic spray chamber

  • The IsoMist XS allows for direct analysis of volatile organic solvents such as naphtha without dilution at a temperature of -25°C, resulting in higher intensities, better precision, and higher accuracy when compared to studies at -10°C.

(c) HydraMist spray chamber

  • The HydraMist can simultaneously determine As, Se, Sb, Tl and Hg using hydride generation and non-hydride forming elements using conventional pneumatic nebulization whilst offering more than a 10 fold improvements in detection limits for the cold vapor elements.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
20-809-2665HE Tracey Spray Chamber with Helix CT
20-809-2951HE Twister Spray Chamber with Helix CT
20-809-9198 Tracey TFE Spray chamber
KT-1166-XS IsoMist XS for Thermo ® PRO
KT-1160 HydraMist Hydride Kit

View full range of Spray Chambers available for the Thermo ® PRO Duo and Thermo ® PRO Radial ICP-OES.


We offer a wide range of torches and injectors to suit the ever-growing sample types in today's market. Whether you're after the simple to use, standard EMT quartz torch for clean applications or our patented D-Torch for the more aggressive sample matrices, we have a wide range of options fit for every application.

Figure 3. Torches

(a) Fixed Standard EMT Quartz Torch

EMT Torches
  • Suitable for clean applications and laboratories with low sample volume workflows.

(b) D-Torch

Photo 30-808-4150 PRO Duo & Photo 30-808-2877, PRO Radial
  • Optional Ceramic Outer Tube
  • Ideal for waste water, brines, fusions, and geological samples where quartz devitrifies rapidly due to the presence of high TDS
  • Ideal for tribology (wear metals) and organic application where quartz prematurely fractures due to thermal shock

Ordering Information

Part Number Fixed Standard EMT Quartz Torch
31-808-4158 Quartz Torch PRO Duo
31-808-2810 Quartz Torch PRO Radial
Part Number D-Torch
30-808-4150 D-Torch PRO Duo D-Torch with 2.0mm Quartz Injector
30-808-2877 D-Torch PRO Radial
Part Number D-Torch Options
31-808-4152 Quartz Outer Tube for D-Torch PRO Duo
31-808-3996 Ceramic Outer Tube for D-Torch PRO Duo
31-808-2878 Quartz Outer Tube for D-Torch PRO Radial
31-808-3836 Ceramic Outer Tube for D-Torch PRO Radial

View full range of Torches available for the Thermo ® PRO Duo and Thermo ® PRO Radial ICP-OES.


A full range of injectors are available for the Thermo ® PRO Duo and Thermo ® PRO Radial ICP-OES.

Part Number Tapered Injectors for D-Torch & EMT Torch
31-808-2833 Quartz Injector 1.0mm
31-808-2834 Quartz Injector 1.5mm
31-808-2792 Alumina Injector 1.5mm
31-808-3984 Alumina Injector 2.0mm
Part Number Capillary Injectors for D-Torch & EMT Torch
31-808-3511 Quartz Injector 0.75mm
31-808-3510 Quartz Injector 1.0mm
31-808-2836 Quartz Injector 2.0mm
31-808-3246 Quartz Injector 2.5mm
31-808-3247 Quartz Injector 3.0mm
31-808-3279 Alumina Injector 1.0mm
31-808-2835 Alumina Injector 2.0mm
31-808-2977 Sapphire Injector 2.0mm

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