Laser Ablation Adaptors for ICP

Laser Ablation is a rapidly growing sample introduction system for the introduction of solids into ICP-MS and ICP-OES. The technique is widely used in geochemical, isotopic and environmental analysis, and is also a growing area of research in multi-element imaging of biological materials.


The S13 ball and Cup connector (21-809-4309) can be used to provide an input from a laser ablation system and pneumatic nebulization for calibration. This adaptor is used when suitable solid standards are not available.


For routine “bulk analysis” Laser Ablation, the cell output can be connected to ICP torch and make up gas added using a simple mixing adaptor (70-803-1583). This mixing chamber allows the ablation cell gas flow to be optimized separately from that of the plasma injector gas flow rate ensuring the best laser ablation performance with compromising plasma performance. The mixing chamber is designed to work with 4mm tubing connected by either a GAZ-06 connectors or Swagelok PTFE fittings.


This low volume laser ablation adapter (31-808-4034) with tangential make-up gas input is used with low dead-volume laser ablation cells to directly connect with the ICP-MS plasma to maintain signal intensity and precision and minimizing washout. A zero dead-volume fitting connects the 1/16” OD PEEK capillary transfer tube and an S13 socket outlet directly connects to the ICP-MS torch without the need for complex and difficult to use direct injection torches. When used with the Agilent ICP-MS, this adaptor connects directly to the torch whilst keeping all connections outside the torch box.


Use 31-808-3045 to connect 4mm OD transfer tube from the laser ablation cell directly to the S13 torch ball joint. A GAZ-04U can be used to connect the 4mm rigid tubing to the inlet.


This adaptor can be used to connect 6mm/1/4”


Connecto to 4mm and 8mm tubing by way of GAZ-04U and GAZ-08U


For routine Laser Ablation where the cell output to the ICP torch requires a mixing chamber/damper. The mixing chamber is designed to work with Teledyne Cetac Aris.


To connect the laser ablation cell transfer tube directly to your Thermo Fisher Scientific ICP-MS torch, use 31-808-3863 adaptor. Connect rigid 4mm OD/2mm ID tubing using a GAZ-04U connector.


Use 21-809-2801 Torch S13 ball joint adaptor for your Thermo Fisher Scientific ICP-MS torch, to connect any S13 laser ablation adaptor.

Table 1. GazFit Union Connectors (for rigid walled tubing)

Part Number Description
GAZ-04U GazFit Union 4mm (PKT.2)
GAZ-06U GazFit Union 6mm (PKT.2)
GAZ-08U GazFit Union 8mm (PKT.2)

Table 2. Standard GazFit Connectors (for soft walled tubing)

Part Number Description
GAZ-04 GazFit Connectors for 4mm OD side arm (PKT.4)
GAZ-05 GazFit Connectors for 5mm OD side arm (PKT.4)
GAZ-06 GazFit Connectors for 6mm OD side arm (PKT.4)
GAZ-08 GazFit Connectors for 8mm OD arm (PKT.2)
GAZ-0604 GazFit Connectors, 2 for 6mm OD side arms, 2 for 4mm OD side arms (PKT.4)

Download the Laser Ablation Connectors Flyer