The New IsoMist XS™ Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber

Enhanced Performance for ICP-OES and ICP-MS with Superior Connectivity

The IsoMist XS builds off of the legacy IsoMist and IsoMist XR line of Glass Expansion's industry leading compact, programmable, temperature-controlled, cyclonic spray chambers. The IsoMist XS maintains the powerful electronic Peltier that enables cooling or heating the spray temperature in a range of -25°C to +80°C, programmable in 1.0°C increments, while maintaining a stability of +/- 0.1°C. From ambient temperature, 0°C can be achieved in less than 15 minutes. The IsoMist XS also preserves the user friendly, stand-alone software control for easy start up and temperature control and monitoring.

New to the IsoMist XS is a completely inert back plate, providing enhanced chemical resistivity. The IsoMist XS is also now controlled via an ethernet cable enabling superior connectivity and control via the instrument PC. An optional ethernet to USB dongle is also provided if an ethernet connection is not available.

Like our legacy models, the IsoMist XS enhances the sample introduction environment to provide the conditions necessary for accurate and reproducible measurements for any ICP-OES or ICP-MS application. The compact design and customized kit allow the IsoMist XS to be compatible with virtually any ICP-OES or ICP-MS. The IsoMist XS is also the only temperature-controlled spray chamber that can offer cooling down to -25°C or heating up to +80°C in one single platform.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
KT-1137-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Agilent™ 5000 Series
KT-1119-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Agilent™ 4100/4200 MP-AES
KT-1135-XS IsoMist XS Kit for AJ PlasmaQuant 9000 ICP-OES Series
KT-1147-XS IsoMist XS Kit for PerkinElmer™ Avio 200/500
KT-1024-XS IsoMist XS Kit for PG Instruments ICP5000DV
KT-1141-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Spectro™ Blue
KT-2749-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Shimadzu® ICPE 9820
KT-1166-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Thermo® PRO
KT-1015-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Thermo® 6000/7000 Duo
KT-1021-XS IsoMist XS Kit for Thermo® 6000/7000 Radial


Analytik Jena®

Perkin Elmer®

PG Instruments



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Technical Information

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Improve Analytical Stability

Fluctuations in lab temperature affect sample viscosity and nebulization efficiency. Maintaining the sample introduction at a constant and stable temperature improves analytical reproducibility, enhances throughput, and lowers operating costs by reducing the need to re-run samples due to signal drift caused by temperature fluctuations. Temperature fluctuations in ICP analysis can cause baseline drift, impacting measurement accuracy. A stable temperature improves QC recoveries, eliminating the need for daily recalibrations and ensuring consistent results.

Reduce Oxide Formation in ICP-MS

The advantages of cooling a sample using a sub-ambient temperature spray chamber on an ICP-MS are well known. Maintaining a cooled sample within the spray chamber ensures less water vapor is transferred to the plasma, resulting in lower oxide formation and reduced polyatomic interferences, improving accuracy and detection limits. With the IsoMist XS you can fine tune that temperature setting in 1°C increments to create the most robust plasma conditions for your application.

Perfect for Volatile Organics

When analyzing volatile organic solvents such as naphtha along with various types of fuels, a lower spray chamber temperature reduces transport efficiency avoiding quenching of the plasma from solvent over-loading. Having the capability to reach a stable temperature as low as -25°C, allows for the analysis of highly volatile organic solvents and fuels without dilution, significantly improving limits of detection.

Benefits of Elevated Sample Introduction Temperatures

The sensitivity for many analyses can be enhanced by running the spray chamber at an elevated temperature, which improves transport efficiency by reducing droplet size. Increased transport efficiency is particularly important for samples with limited volume and precious metals. An elevated temperature can also be beneficial when analyzing food-based oils by decreasing viscosity.

Application Flexibility and Superior Design Innovation

The IsoMist XS incorporates Glass Expansion's proven Glass Twister cyclonic spray chamber design. A Quartz Twister and HF resistant, high-purity PFA Tracey design is also available upon request. All of which are easily interchangeable, allowing for application flexibility should sample matrices change. All of Glass Expansion's cyclonic spray chambers, including the IsoMist XS feature the Helix CT™interface. The Helix CT fitting is completely inert and carefully designed to fix the depth of penetration and torque of the nebulizer seal so that the aerosol produced is optimal. The Helix interface is also the only true zero-dead volume nebulizer/spray chamber interface providing unmatched washout efficiencies. These design innovations have provided Glass Expansion spray chamber sensitivity gains, reduced washout times and reduced matrix effects not possible with other spray chambers.

Glass Twister with Helix CT Quartz Twister with Helix CT PFA Tracey with Helix CT
P/N 21-809-3186 P/N 21-809-3192 P/N 21-809-2985

Customer comments

In terms of doing multi element analysis on spirit samples the IsoMist has proved itself to be a very useful tool.

Beverage manufacturer - UK

(In reference to the IsoMist) We are getting around 40% increased sensitivity over what we had before. Also, the QC recoveries for the problem elements B, Al and Zn seem to be much improved.

Health laboratory - Australia

We have all instruments using the Niagara Plus and the IsoMist and have increased efficiencies by up to 40% and over-all quality has also shown improvements, so we are very happy with them.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

So far we are very happy with the IsoMist spray chamber. The detection limits are better and the intensities are more stable from run to run.

Precious metals laboratory - Australia

The IsoMist has significantly boosted our productivity. It is so stable that I need only run a CCV and CCB at the beginning of the day and then start running samples. No need to restandardize daily.

Environmental laboratory - USA.

I've been operating the IsoMist on the 6500 at 27 degrees centigrade ... the improvement in stability has been dramatic ... I am thrilled at the linearity with little shift throughout a complex standardization and sample run.

Precious metals laboratory - USA

The equipment works extraordinarily well. Keeping temperature at 5°C the noise drops to half as much as without the IsoMist. There is no problem at all with temperature stability and the signal is twice as much as the one obtained without the IsoMist.

University laboratory - Spain

I would enthusiastically recommend the IsoMist to anyone trying to minimize oxide formation in ICP-MS.

Government laboratory - USA

The IsoMist was a treat because it took the place of the jacketed spray chamber, the heated bath, delivery tubes, and pump. It also eliminated my worries about leaks in my sample chamber. It is a small, neat package.

Oil company - USA

We are very happy with the performance of the IsoMist.

University - Belgium

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