Refurbishment and Reclaim Service for Platinum Cones


Extend the life of your platinum cones with our refurbishment program. Platinum cones have a much longer life than nickel cones but they do deteriorate over time. In many cases, a platinum cone can be refurbished multiple times and its lifetime greatly extended. As a customer service, Glass Expansion offers refurbishment of the platinum cones that we sell for the life of the cone.

To take advantage of this program, simply contact us at and request a Product Return form for a Pt cone refurbishment service. We will also need to know your instrument model along with the number of Pt sampler and Pt skimmer cones that you would like to be evaluated for refurbishing. The refurbishing process will typically take 2 weeks from the time we receive your cones.

Platinum Reclaim

If your platinum cone cannot be refurbished, we will provide a credit to the value of platinum in the cone which can be used on the purchase of any Glass Expansion products including new cones.

Contact us to check the availability of cones for your ICP-MS model.