Warranty Statement and Returns Procedure

Glass Expansion Warranty

All Glass Expansion products are supplied with our Glass Expansion Warranty. If the performance of the product is unsatisfactory or if it is unsuitable in any way, we will provide a credit or refund, provided it is returned in original condition within 14 days of receipt*.

We warrant that all of our products are free from defects in material and workmanship and meet applicable specifications. We agree to repair or replace, at our option, a product that, under proper and normal use, proves to be defective within 12 months of delivery. We may, at our option, use refurbished items that are equivalent to new in performance. Repaired or replaced products are warranted for the balance of the original warranty period.

This warranty does not include consumable items that, by their nature, may not function for 12 months. Such items include nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, tubing, valves, RF coils, cones, and components of these items. Other items made from glass, quartz or ceramic are also not included in the 12-month warranty. The consumable items listed here are warranted only that they are free from defects in material and workmanship and meet applicable specifications on delivery.

This warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper or inadequate use, installation, maintenance or repair. We also do not accept liability for consequential damage of any kind arising from the use of our products. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that our products will be used only by qualified persons who are properly trained in the appropriate laboratory procedures and that the products are safely stored, handled and used. We assume no liability for any injury to personnel or damage to equipment arising from the handling or use of our products.

* This does not apply to products that are not listed in our catalog, since these may be for obsolete models. For example, we have now standardised our production on nebulizers with the EzyLok argon connector and spray chambers with the Helix nebulizer interface, and these are what we hold in stock. We will still accept orders for nebulizers without EzyLok and spray chambers without Helix, but these now need to be specially made. Since they cannot be returned to stock, we will not accept return of these products, or other products not listed in our current catalog, unless they are faulty. If they are faulty, they can still be returned for replacement or refund.

Procedure for Product Returns

If you need to return a product, please advise us by email to enquiries@geicp.com and we will send you a Product Return Form.

If a product has been used, you will be asked to detail things like how long it was used for and what it was used for. Once we receive the returned product, our Technicians test and evaluate the product and we then advise you the outcome of the evaluation and whether a product exchange or refund can be issued. For account customers, refunds are given in the way of credit notes applied to the customer's original invoice/account. If a product exchange is issued, we provide a credit note for the product returned and invoice the customer for the new product.

IMPORTANT: For health and safety precautions, all products returned to Glass Expansion must be free from any hazardous contaminants. Please ensure that all products are properly cleaned and safe for handling before returning to us. Glass Expansion reserves the right to refuse acceptance and/or inspection of any returned products which show visible signs of hazardous contaminants.