Part Number: KT-1213

Product: HE-SIS for Thermo X-Series

USD 3680.00
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Part Number Description
MicroMist HE DC Nebulizer 0.2mL/min
Lotis HE Spray Chamber - Glass
Mount Assembly
High Pressure Nebulizer Interface Kit
MicroJet Nebulizer Adaptor
Metal Ball Joint Clip
Transfer Tube Assembly
DC Fitting Type 13/31 with Ratchet Connector


- Order replacement UniFit drain as UFT-075
- System requires 'Thermo Additional Gas Kit' to supply make up gas to MicroJet.


- E13-1-UFT02 MicroMist HE U-Series Nebulizer 0.2mL/min, Recommend for Single Cell biological applications.

HE-SIS for Thermo X-Series