Glass Expansion Nebulizers by Type

Slurry - for slurries or suspensions

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The Slurry glass concentric nebulizer is ideal for specialized applications requiring the aspiration of slurries or suspensions. Its capillary bore is 50% larger than standard concentric which reduces the possibility of particle blockage while giving excellent signal stability.

Slurry U-Series nebulizers are supplied with:
1 x NFT-075, UniFit connector (sample tube 0.75mm ID x 1.3mm OD x 700mm long)

Eg. ARG-1-US6
Slurry U-Series Nebulizer with UniFit Sample
Connector and EzyLok Argon Connector
Eg. A13-07-US6
Slurry U-Series Nebulizer with UniFit Sample
Connector and DC Fitting with Ratchet Connector

Customer comments

The Slurry nebulizer is even more powerful! Photographic emulsions, contain large extends of dissolved, undissolved solids and organics/inorganic salts ... Previously we could analyze only a 1 m/v% diluted photographic emulsion. With this Slurry nebulizer we can analyze a 10 m/v% solution, giving us an improved detection limit of a factor of 8 (corrected on internal standard).

Photographic company - The Netherlands