Why choose Glass Expansion?

For Quality, Reliability and Innovation

You want the best performance your instrument can provide. You also want consistency, so that you can replace consumable parts such as nebulizers, spray chambers, and torches without having to spend time optimizing your instrument for the new parts.

We believe that the best design, production, and service are all necessary to achieve the highest product quality. Design is vital. You can have the best methods of production and the highest quality finish, but if the design is not of the highest possible quality, then the product cannot reach its full potential. Our commitment to research and product development, which includes owning ICP and ICP-MS instruments from several manufacturers, enables us to produce innovative design solutions that lead to the best possible performance, consistency, and reliability with whatever instrument you are using.

Glass Expansion has been manufacturing sample introduction components for ICP emission and mass spectrometers since the early 1980s. Today we support instruments from 16 manufacturers, providing sample introduction systems for over 50 different ICP and ICP-MS models. Many major ICP manufacturers supply our products as standard. Our products are widely used and embraced by recognised analysts in the ICP industry, and are recognised as 'industry standard' products. Our intimate understanding of the relationship between the various sample introduction components, together with our ability and expertise in manufacturing high quality nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, and other ICP components, means that we can offer you a complete solution to your ICP sample introduction needs. Here are some examples of what our commitment to research has accomplished:

Reproducibility of analytical results in ICP analyses is of paramount importance. In an environment where a small change or inconsistency in a product or variable can result in a dramatic change in analytical results, design quality and reliability is essential. Glass Expansion has developed unique and proprietary manufacturing methods, which enable the production of components with the high mechanical strength and micron-level dimensional accuracy to satisfy the narrowest of analytical specifications, each and every time. Our products are recognized world wide for their excellent precision, cost effectiveness and reproducibility of results. This reproducibility provides you with the following benefits:

Our design and manufacturing processes ensure reliability in the performance of our products, which helps you minimize variables that can affect your analyses. Your needs are the crux of our product design quality, reliability, and innovation. Some of our recent responses to your needs have led to the development of user friendly solutions such as our quick connect EzyFit and EzyLok fittings for nebulizers, GazFit connectors for torches, and EzyLok fittings for jacketed spray chamber coolant hoses. We pride ourselves on being attentive to your needs.