Glass Expansion Spray Chambers by Type

Tracey TFE - HF-resistant spray chamber for ICP-OES

The Tracey TFE spray chamber replaces the old polypropylene HF-resistant spray chamber. It is made from PTFE (Teflon) which is more chemically resistant than polypropylene. The Tracey TFE spray chambers are specially treated to ensure efficient drainage and they offer better sensitivity and precision than the old polypropylene spray chambers. They can be teamed with HF-resistant nebulizers to form the ideal chemically inert sample introduction system for ICP-OES. There is a system available to suit most ICP-OES models.


The interior of the Tracey TFE has the proprietary Stediflow surface treatment which improves the wettability of the surface and ensures efficient drainage. Without the Stediflow treatment, droplets tend to form on the surface and degrade both sensitivity and precision.