Learn about Glass Expansion RF Coils

The Role of the RF Coil

The RF coil is the last component in the electrical system used to generate an Argon plasma. Being the last component, there is great importance placed on the coil for transferring RF energy to the plasma.

There are three factors affecting the role of the RF Coil in transferring energy:

Being exposed to the environment of the torch box, the condition of the coil has a major effect on the efficiency of transferring energy to the plasma. The greater the corrosion, the larger the electrical energy that is required to produce a plasma of the same power. This transfers undue stress on the rest of the electrical components used in the RF system, possibly contributing to premature failure.

There are three main areas that affect the transfer of energy from the plasma to the sample.

RF coils are one of a number of critical components needed to produce a plasma. With the Glass Expansion RF coils and installation tools it is now possible to replace your coil on a more regular basis without the cost of a service visit. This ensures this part of the RF system continues to work in peak condition.