WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosure

Protects samples against airborne contaminants
Protects the operator against fumes and odours

Versatile Configuration

The optional accessories allow you to configure the WindTunnel to best suit your requirements.

Filtered positive pressure enclosure. When fitted with the optional fan and HEPA filter, the WindTunnel provides a positive pressure enclosure.

Vented enclosure. The addition of the optional flange, allows the fumes to be removed through a laboratory exhaust system (not supplied).

Dust cover. The WindTunnel can be used without the fan and filter to function as a convenient dust cover.

The WindTunnel is designed to fit over an autosampler sitting on a solid flat surface. If required, a solid polyethylene base is available separately. The base has a channel around the perimeter to catch any spills and a drain port to remove the spills.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
70-803-1148 WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosure
70-803-1199 WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosure for Cetac XLR8
70-803-1149 WindTunnel Fan Aus
70-803-1150 WindTunnel Fan Eur
70-803-1151 WindTunnel Fan USA
70-803-1152 WindTunnel Filter
70-803-1153 WindTunnel Flange
70-803-1178 WindTunnel Base
70-803-1205 WindTunnel Base for XLR8 Enclosure

Note: Due to their size, the WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosures and Mobile Cart are excluded from our FREE DELIVERY offer.

Technical Specifications

Standard Enclosure XLR8 Enclosure
Height: 65cm (26in) 98cm (39in)
Width: 60cm (24in) 111cm (44in)
Depth: 58cm (23in) 67cm (27in)
Weight: 11kg (25lb) 22kg (49lb)

Customer comments

Very happy with the performance of our WindTunnel.

Metals laboratory - Australia

The WindTunnel is working fine for our requirements........Before we had your system we were seeing random contamination showing up in our blanks and samples........Since we have been using your system this source has been reduced significantly.

Agricultural laboratory - Australia