The Niagara CM Rapid Rinse Accessory

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Most ICP systems incorporate an autosampler. With these systems there is a significant delay between the time when the autosampler probe enters the sample and the time when the sample reaches the nebulizer. There is a similar delay between the time when the probe enters the rinse solution and the time when the rinse solution reaches the nebulizer. If these delays could be eliminated, the analysis time per sample could be reduced significantly and the sample throughput increased.

This is what the Glass Expansion Niagara CM Rapid Rinse Accessory achieves.

The Niagara CM begins the rinsing of the nebulizer and spray chamber the instant the sample measurement is completed and continues to rinse until the next sample is ready. Thus the rinse is carried out in the time that is usually wasted waiting for the sample and the rinse solutions to flow from the autosampler to the nebulizer.

The Niagara CM incorporates an electronically controlled switching valve and the parts of the valve in contact with the sample are made entirely of Teflon and PEEK for maximum chemical resistance. During the sample measurement time, the rinse solution is pumped through the valve to waste (see Fig.1).

Fig.1. Sample to Nebulizer, Rinse to Waste

At the completion of the sample measurement, the valve switches instantly and the rinse solution is directed to the nebulizer (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Rinse to Nebulizer, Sample to Waste

The valve stays in this position while the autosampler probe moves to the rinse position and then on to the next sample. Only when the next sample has made its way through the full length of the uptake tubing does the valve switch back to the position shown in Fig. 1. The time that is saved is around 30% for a typical analysis (see Table 1).

Table 1. Typical Analysis Cycle

With this example, the total cycle time with the Niagara CM (including 30sec rinse) is 55sec compared with 80sec for the standard system without the Niagara CM - a saving of 25sec or 31%.

The benefits of the Niagara CM for the busy ICP laboratory are:

  • Faster sample turn around time
  • More productivity for your ICP
  • Argon costs are reduced

Niagara CM Productivity Calculator

Fill in the boxes with the data for your particular analysis to see how much the Niagara CM will improve your productivity.

Autosampler Movement Delay    sec
Integration Time/Replicate Read Time    sec
Number of Integrations/Replicates    
Sample Uptake Delay    sec
Instrument Stabilization Delay    sec
Rinse Time    sec
Unaccounted Time (Processing etc)    sec

Update calculation standard
Total analysis time per sample (sec) 80 55*
Samples processed per hour 45 65*

* Improvement with Niagara CM:   44%

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
KT-1124 Niagara CM Rapid Rinse Accessory

The Niagara CM will work with any ICP/autosampler system that uses serial communication.


A mounting bracket is required for most ICP models. Choose from the following:

Part Number ICP Model
70-803-0979 Agilent ® 7700/8800/8900
21-809-3982 Agilent ® 7800/7900
70-803-0906 Bruker Aurora 800
21-809-4065 and 70-803-1142 PerkinElmer ® Optima 2/4/5/7/8000 Series
21-809-4143 Spectro™ Arcos EOP
70-803-1142 All other models

Customer comments

(In reference to the Niagara Rapid Rinse Accessory) It worked a treat because we were able to fly through the samples with much reduced rinse times.

Minerals laboratory - Australia