The Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner

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ICP Nebulizer Maintenance Made Easy

The Eluo is available for Glass Expansion concentric glass and HF-resistant nebulizers.

Cleaning your nebulizer is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Fill your Eluo with Methanol.

2. Insert your nebulizer, tip first, into the Eluo.

3. Clean your nebulizer by pressing the Plunger down.

Particle build-up in a nebulizer capillary and tip causes sample flow to be constricted, thereby reducing nebulizer efficiency and performance. Previously there was no simple way to effectively clean and unblock nebulizers. Now, blocked nebulizers can be safely and easily restored to optimum performance with a revolutionary new cleaning instrument - the Eluo.

The Eluo is designed to efficiently deliver a cleanser through the nebulizer capillary to dislodge particle build-up and thoroughly clean the nebulizer. One simple action does it all. No more messy procedures, waiting overnight or shattered nebulizers in ultrasonic baths.

Use the Eluo regularly to maintain nebulizer performance and prolong nebulizer life. The answer to cleaning your nebulizers is so simple, every lab should have one - the Eluo.

Part Number Description
70-ELUO Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (glass concentric nebulizers)
70-ELUO-OP Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (old design OpalMist nebulizer)
70-ELUO-OPD Eluo Nebulizer Cleaning Tool (new design OpalMist or DuraMist nebulizer)
Glass concentric nebulizer - requires 70-ELUO
Old design OpalMist - requires 70-ELUO-OP
New design OpalMist and DuraMist - requires 70-ELUO-OPD

The Eluo can also be conveniently used to clean the Inline Particle Filter P/N 70-803-1108 with the addition of Adaptor P/N 70-803-1160.

Spare Parts and Consumables for Eluo

Spares for Eluo
703-0070 Eluo Plunger
703-0058 Eluo Barrel
70-703-0069 Eluo Nebulizer Holder for glass concentric nebulizers
70-803-0932 Eluo OPD Nebulizer Holder for OpalMist or DuraMist
70-703-0074 Eluo OP Nebulizer Holder for old design OpalMist
70-0806 Eluo O-ring Kit (2 sets)
70-803-1160 Eluo Adaptor for Inline Filter

Customer comments

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used it for years. Great tool to have and use regularly to keep your nebulizer clean.

Consumer products manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) It's a must have. We've removed several partial clogs from a SeaSpray nebulizer over the past couple of years.

Chemicals supplier - USA

The Eluo cleaner has been used on a couple of occasions for our ICPMS concentric nebulisers and has performed admirably!

University - UK

(In reference to the Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner) I have used this and love it. I try to use it about every other week, if I remember.

University laboratory - USA

We were very pleased with the Eluo - great idea and a lot easier than how we used to clean the nebulisers. Keep up with the great ideas.

Contract laboratory - New Zealand