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Our glass concentric nebulizers are available in three styles - the latest U-Series, the earlier nebulizer with EzyFit sample connector and the original nebulizer with standard connection. All three styles have Glass Expansion's unique VitriCone construction.

U-Series Glass Concentric Nebulizers

The U-Series is our latest design and it has a UniFit sample connector which slides easily over the sample arm. The benefits of the U-Series nebulizer are:

SeaSpray, MicroMist, Conikal and Slurry U-Series nebulizers are available to suit all common models of ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Each U-Series nebulizer is supplied with a UniFit sample connector.

U-Series nebulizers can be identified by the letter 'U' in the part number, e.g. ARG-07-USS2 or ARG-1-UM04.

U-Series nebulizer with UniFit Sample Connector

Nebulizer with EzyFit connector

The EzyFit is a sample connector which slides into the nebulizer sample arm. It provides lower dead volume and faster washout times than earlier designs but is not quite as effective as the newer U-Series.

Nebulizer with EzyFit connector

The SeaSpray, MicroMist, Conikal and Slurry nebulizers are available with EzyFit connection. They can be identified by the letter "F" in the part number, eg. AR30-07-FSS2E or AR30-1-FM04E

Nebulizer with standard connection

This is the original design and is now very rarely used. It is not supplied with a sample connector and it is not compatible with either the EzyFit or UniFit connectors. The connector must be supplied by the user. This nebulizer design has a larger dead volume and longer washout time compared with the newer designs, so it is not generally recommended.

The EzyLok argon connector

The EzyLok is the easy, safe and effective way to connect argon supply tubes to your nebulizer


Constant argon supply and RF power are the two most important requirements for good ICP short term stability. For example, a half-percent leak of argon can generate RSD's of worse than 2%. The most common cause of argon leaks at nebulizer ports is a stiffening of the argon supply tube over time, leading to a consequent loss of seal.

The EzyLok connection is made with our specially formed nebulizer side arm, which allows it to be pushed and locked securely into the popular 'One Touch Fitting' which incorporates a flexible o'ring seal. To disconnect the nebulizer, simply push on the release button located at the top of the fitting.

The EzyLok connection also improves safety by preventing broken nebulizer side arms. When argon supply tubes made from all or part silicon are used, they tend to bond strongly to the nebulizer glass side arm. Usually ICP users remove the bonded tubing by cutting it away bit by bit with a sharpe blade...a very hazardous operation! The EzyLok easily connects and disconnects the argon supply tube to the nebulizer side arm.

The EL-1 EzyLok kit is supplied with all Glass Expansion U-Series glass concentric nebulizers and all DuraMist, OpalMist, PolyCon and VeeSpray nebulizers. For other glass concentric nebulizers, the EzyLok kit is supplied with those nebulizers which have an 'E' on the end of the part number, eg. AR30-07-FM04E.

All ICP Nebulizers are NOT created equal

Only Glass Expansion nebulizers include the unique VitriCone construction.

With some brands of glass concentric nebulizers, the sample channel is constructed from drawn out capillary tubing. The problems with this type of construction are:

All Glass Expansion concentric glass nebulizers use the unique VitriCone construction for the sample channel. With the VitriCone design, the sample channel is constructed from heavy glass capillary which is machined to very high tolerances. The benefits of the VitriCone construction are: