Direct Connection (DC) Nebulizer

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The DC nebulizer is our latest design. It has a UniFit sample connector which slides easily over the sample arm and an argon connector configured to connect directly to your ICP. The benefits of the DC nebulizer are:

In addition to these unique benefits, the DC nebulizer shares the following benefits with the U-Series nebulizer:

Part number A14-07-USS2, SeaSpray DC Nebulizer for Agilent 5100

DC versions of the SeaSpray, MicroMist, Conikal, Slurry, DuraMist, OpalMist and VeeSpray nebulizers are available to suit the most common models of ICP-OES and ICP-MS. The glass DC nebulizers use the inert PEEK gas connector, part number 70-803-1096.

The DC nebulizer part number has a prefix specific to each type of gas connector. For example, the prefix "A14-" denotes a connector for the Agilent 5100 ICP-OES, so part number A14-07-USS2 is a SeaSpray nebulizer configured for direct connection to the Agilent 5100. See Understanding Glass Expansion nebulizer part numbers for a full list of available DC nebulizers, or Choose a Nebulizer to suit your ICP to see the DC nebulizers for your particular ICP model.

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